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Dating a geek

Dating a geek


Find your Player 2 on Gamer Dating, the charming albeit outdated site where gamers can totally be themselves. How it works: The -up process is pretty rigorous for a site so niche, but it's likely one of the ways Gamer Dating has managed to weed out almost all of the fake profiles. The site's outdated aesthetics do make it appear scammy, but I digress. Aside from the expected profile picture and physical attributes, you'll be asked to list your favorite games rating out of the gate. Other fields include social hobbies like smoking habits and dating a geek you like to party.

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We all do; the UK in is utterly bonkers for dragons and wizards and furious bearded men stabbing one another, even more than we were back in the Dark Ages.

A girl's guide to dating a geek: inouye, omi m.: www.inikirun.us: books

It's true — nerds are sexy. Philosophy, geography, history, politics, religion, chemistry, theatre, art, music, literature: date a geek, and revel in unlimited conversational possibility! Bonus, they probably enjoy it. He should talk!

10 reasons geeky guys make the best husbands

So what can be gained from coupling up with a geek? Once you go nerd, you'll never go back. And discovered a passion for the paintings of Rembrandt, Vermeer and Jan Steen.

Stimulating conversation Do you recall, back in high school, the most gorgeous guy or girl in your year? But if you want things like friends or experiences, gewk have to dating a geek the effort. The thrill is in the challenge. Able to Pay Attention to Details Given their dedication to what they love and their intelligence, geeks can be very attentive to small details.

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This is what makes them sensitive in matters of the heart. According to this definition, Kim Kardashian is categorically not a geek, while Mark Zuckerberg most definitely is.

You will have the most engaging and enlightening conversations with them that is every-changing, ever-expanding because they never stop learning. Oh, frabjous day, so much to learn and so little time!

Geek dating: amazing things about dating a nerd! | elitesingles

Don't expect him to make the first move. They pursue what they love with passion and dedication. Passionate See the way geem adore their superhero action figures, and how much time they can spent building their collection, reading about their programming language or rewatching their favorite fantasy movies? Most nerds have been to Comic Con at least once, so they've pretty much seen it all, and had their picture taken gee, someone dressed dating a geek Groot. Geeks are becoming the new cool.

Best dating sites for geeks, nerds, sci-fi fans, and more

Sharing hobbies and passions is one of the nicest things about a geeky guy. Committed To be a geek, you have to be obsessed with something gwek qualify.

Not Crazy Over Sports Unlike most other guys, geeks are less likely to be involved in sports. And you can see dahing once they are committed, they are devoted to finding the best and most complete solution to any kind of problem there is, out there. Authentic People Geeks are true to themselves.

20 reasons to date a geek

Hidden messages and guessing games are not high on their list of things to care about. Why it's great for geeks: Stating the obvious, it's really nice to have a dating site geared specifically toward people who think of gaming as a lifestyle dating a geek of the casual Mario Kart at a party. Successful Bill Gates, one of the richest, most successful and powerful technopreneurs in the world… was a geek who changed the world through the Microsoft Corporation.

You'll have to get used to winning every trivia contest. Resourceful Yeah, we all know our way around the Internet, or at least we think we do.

Nerds don't cheat. Speaking of junk food, unless cooking is his passion, you'll probably be doing most of it.

14 of the best online dating sites for geeks, nerds, sci-fi buffs, and more

But geeks, they know the real deal for underground information. The world has changed; dqting so will the view we have towards geeks in general. Every school has one; that perfectly coiffed dreamboat, yawning in maths lessons, loitering outside the school gates with a casual cigarette, coming up dating a geek fabulously dry excuses for forgetting their homework that have the whole class guffawing — did you ever actually have an extended conversation with that person?

Pique his interest in star gazing.

Image Source: macg. d my study of ancient Koine Greek after rating twenty-year sabbatical from that delightful language. A tech gadget, an operating system, comic book superheroes, a sci-fi fantasy realm, a gaming portal, you name it, geeks eat, sleep and breathed it.

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