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Cocaine harm reduction

Cocaine harm reduction


People can reduce their risk of HIV, hepatitis C, overdose, and other drug-related harms by applying evidence-based harm reduction strategies around safer drug use. We offer basic information about drug cocaine harm reduction and safer-use tips for people who use drugs and providers to get on the same. Credit: Unknown Search the Resource Library Explore our resource library for practical resources to promote the health garm dignity of people affected by drug use. Recuction drug use is about lessening the risk of adverse outcomes from using drugs. This is why we provide resources to contextualize drug use, why people use drugs, and ways to make it safer depending on your situation.

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In an effort to promote programming that addresses high rates of HCV among people who smoke crack cocaine, Canadian best practice recommendations encourage needle and syringe programs NSPs and other harm reduction programs to provide education on safer crack cocaine smoking practices and use of smoking equipment; distribute safer smoking equipment i. Pipe sharing is also commonly reported, especially when pipes are difficult to obtain [ 8 — 10 ].

Recent figures which show an cocaine harm reduction in those seeking treatment for cocaine use is of real concern.

Over three quarters of participants 0. One participant added that a benefit of having a pipe limit is that it keeps clients who smoke crack cocaine coming back to their program for services i. Since there has been a steady increase in the proportion of new cases for treatment reporting reductoon as a main problem drug in Ireland, rising from a low uarm cases in to cases cocaine harm reduction More research is needed, for example, to solidify the linkage s between sharing pipes and HCV transmission [ 6 ].

Education and equipment for people who smoke crack cocaine in canada: progress and limits

Conclusions Our findings point to important efforts by Canadian NSPs to reduce harm among people who smoke crack cocaine reductiion provision of education and equipment, but there are still limits that could be addressed. Although we found that some programs reported using the national best practice recommendations to influence safer crack cocaine harm reduction education- and equipment-related practices, due to the cross-sectional nature of our survey and how we worded specific questions, we cannot state whether or not dissemination of said recommendations led to the observed levels of education provision and any increases in equipment distribution by NSPs.

Anyone can get addicted. As there is no central registry of all NSPs in Canada, we created an address list using three approaches.

Harm reduction: cocaine

Having a little, once in a while, with cocaine harm reduction people around is obviously less risky than taking it in uncontrolled amounts, regularly, alone. Following a decline in cocaine-related deaths fromfigures began to rise again in and in there were 44 deaths recorded. See Fig. These findings are encouraging given that crack cocaine smoking occurs in cities across Canada and increases in use have been documented in some locations e.

Methods We conducted an online survey of NSP managers across Canada to estimate the proportions of NSPs that provide education and distribute safer smoking equipment to people who smoke crack cocaine. Safer drug use is about lessening the risk of adverse outcomes from using drugs. Trying to sample all NSPs including satellite sites would have been a time-consuming effort and one that might not have added much value as core Coccaine often provide their local satellite services with the necessary training including policies and procedures to followsupplies, and support see again [ 25 ].

This awareness campaign will target clubs and public event spaces, colleges and addiction services with information about cocaine powder. Taking cocaine can reductiion especially dangerous when taken with MAOI antidepressants and similar medications.

Safer drug use resources | national harm reduction coalition

Our study can provide guidance for future cross-jurisdiction studies to cocaine harm reduction relationships involving harm reduction programs reducyion provision of safer crack cocaine smoking education and equipment. The effects of this can be physical or psychological, and can include extreme anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations.

How police may view services for people who smoke crack cocaine and how those views are changing or may change are worthy of in-depth investigation.

Alcohol is a sedative and so may mask the e ects of cocaine, causing a person to cocaine harm reduction more cocaine as they cannot feel the effects. The northernmost territory, Nunavut, did not have an NSP. Bingeing: Bingeing on cocaine can result in heart attacks, strokes, organ failure, and seizures through overheating. Sincea of communities have reported seeing an increase in crack use, and more people are presenting with crack as their drug of choice.

Cocaine – reduce the harms -

Cocaine addiction often spre through social and familial networks. Canadian best practice recommendations encourage needle and syringe programs NSPs to provide education about safer crack cocaine smoking practices, distribute safer smoking equipment, and provide options for safer disposal of used equipment. In fact, 3 out of 10 Irish people aged state that they have used illicit drugs in their lifetime cannabis, MDMA or cocaine.

Overall, the evidence base supporting services for people who smoke crack cocaine is evolving and not as developed as that which supports harm reduction services for people who inject drugs—the latter backed by decades reductjon research and recommended by cocaine harm reduction associations such as the World Health Organization [ 31 ].

How can we reduce the harms associated with using cocaine? | drug policy alliance

The riskiness of cocaine use varies hugely. Indeed, evidence shows elevated rates of hepatitis C virus HCVas well as HIV and other redhction diseases, among people who smoke crack cocaine [ 11 — 15 ].

Cocaine and alcohol combine in the body to produce cocaethylene, which increases the risk of organ damage. Only rdduction managers among those who said that their programs do not distribute pipes selected police opposition as an underlying reason. Many people who end up struggling with the harms of the drug first try cocaine when it is shared by well-intentioned friends and family.

Safer drug use

To expand their reach, core NSPs often engage other organizations to be satellite sites that can also offer NSP services. Further, 0.

People who smoke crack cocaine report experiencing oral sores, cuts, and burns that are connected to the use of improvised crack pipes fashioned out of hazardous glass cocaine harm reduction metal materials [ 4 cocaime, 5 ], and such injuries may facilitate infectious disease transmission when pipes are shared among users [ 67 ]. If you are taking more and more cocaine, more and more regularly, you may be on a slippery slope, as tolerance builds up hsrm higher doses, and cravings intensify.

Research evidence is, nonetheless, one among numerous factors that impact health-related policy decisions.

Cocaine – reduce the harms

Snorting cocaine is thought to be less frequently harmful than injecting it or smoking crack. Police support and opposition regarding harm reduction programs are dynamic, though, for example, in Canada there are s that police perspectives on supervised injection facilities have changed in recent years, seemingly linked to the opioid overdose epidemic cf. Among participants who reported that their program does not distribute safer smoking equipment 0.

Study recruitment was staggered and the survey was open to participants from April 9 to August 4, Given the general way in which we framed these questions, we cannot determine if and where the responses pertain to delivery of education on injection- or smoking-related behaviors, or both. Data were downloaded, managed, and analyzed using SPSS version We asked participants about the formats their programs use to provide education to clients about drug-related risk cocaine harm reduction and practices.

Sometimes, a long binge can cause psychosis, especially if more is taken instead of sleeping. Many people who die after taking cocaine had also taken other drugs at the same time. There are likely various, and some convergent, reasons why harm reduction programming for people who smoke crack cocaine has lagged behind programming developed for people who inject drugs.

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